Healthy treats from around the globe

We went out to dinner with friends last weekend and I was inspired by our hostess (a fabulous cook) to try out silken tofu and also to give a slightly international twist to my post today.

There is no reason food for little ones needs to be bland in fact by the time your child turns 1 they should be enjoying or at least trying the food you eat. It is also suggested that breastfed babies will already be accustomed to the flavours you ate while feeding them. So here goes, two healthy treats with a bit of a difference that I’m sure the grown-ups will enjoy just as much as the babies!

Coconut and Mango Tofu Whip – Chengdu, China
Suitable from around 7 months
This is a recipe by Niki Wickes whose show World Kitchen  I’ve been enjoying watching. This recipe is delicious as either a smoothie for breakfast or a dessert. The recipe includes coconut cream which contains lauric acid. A fatty acid that helps fight against bacteria and viruses and also helps promote brain development. Breast milk is the only other natural source of lauric acid.

Preparation: 10 minutes plus chilling in the fridge
Makes: 3 glasses

1 ripe mango or equivalent tinned mango
1/2 cup coconut cream
100g silken tofu
1 tbsp maple syrup (optional)
Lime zest to garnish

Remove the flesh of the mangoes and peel. Cut into cubes and place in a food processor or blender. Purée until smooth, before adding in the remaining ingredients and blending until smooth.

Pour into cups and chill before serving.

Garnish with lime zest (I didn’t use the lime zest on Freddie’s portion).

Avocado and Banana Milkshake
Suitable from around 12 months
Avocados are a super-food for babies: rich in essential fatty acids, nutrient dense, have the heart foundation tick and are classed as one of your 5 a-day. For some reason (I think the texture) Freddie won’t eat them even when mashed with one of his favourite foods… bananas. He gulped down this milkshake though, success!

Avocado milkshakes or smoothies seem to have many different origins. In Vietnam they combine avocado with condensed milk, in Mexico and Brazil they make avocado milkshakes which are sweetened with agave syrup and in Morocco they eat them with patisserie as a coffee alternative for breakfast. So this is a twist on all of these! It could be a breakfast or a dessert.

Preparation: 5 minutes
Makes: 3 glasses as a dessert or 2 glasses as a breakfast

1/2 medium avocado
1 cup whole milk
1 frozen medium banana cut into chunks before freezing
2 tbsp almond meal
2 tbsp plain yoghurt
1/2tbsp agave syrup or maple (I found it sweet enough without because of the banana!)

Remove flesh from the avocado and blend all the ingredients.

Pour into glasses and serve.


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