3 Playdough recipes – one is pretty tasty!

Playdough is one of my favourite activities to do at home with Freddie and he also loves playing with it at Playcentre, the early childhood and family centre we go to one morning a week. One of the little toddlers is always putting the playdough into his mouth even though it must taste so salty and quite disgusting! So it got me thinking… I wonder if there are any edible playdough recipes out there. Well there are lots! The one I have included in this post comes from La Jolla Mom a great website that has lots of ideas and recipes for kids.

The best thing about this recipe is that the ingredients are not wasted but made into tasty cookies all the family will enjoy, well nearly all in our case… Mike hates peanut butter but did have a bite as Freddie had done such a good job! If you have ever eaten a Reese’s peanut butter cup, they taste pretty similar. I would definitely recommend keeping the cookies small as they are very rich, and make sure your little one washes their hands first!

For those mums and dads who are also keen to make playdough for their little ones to shape, play with and re-use I have included two recipes – one uncooked recipe and one microwave recipe. The Play Doh website has some helpful information on how to remove it from carpets, curtains, etc. They suggest letting it completely dry out and then loosen with a stiff brush. You might have to then vacuum off or use a gentle soap and cold water.

Edible Peanut Butter Playdough
Preparation Time: As long as your little one enjoys squishing, mixing and shaping it!!
Cooking Time: No cooking involved just leave the biscuits to set.

1 cup of peanut butter
1 cup of non-fat dried milk
2 tbsp honey
nuts, raisins, all bran, rice bubbles, dessicated coconut, chocolate chips and other larder ingredients for decorating

Mix together in a bowl until it’s just dry to the touch. The dried milk will absorb some of the stickiness of the peanut butter as it is mixed. Add more peanut butter if it gets too crumbly.

Once mixed, squished and shaped – decorate.

Uncooked Playdough
This is the recipe we use at playcentre. It is quick, easy and makes a great consistency. Because this is uncooked it is a great recipe for your little one to get involved in making – they can mix in the flour with their hands, choose the colour they want it to be and sprinkle in the glitter. Keep it in a sealed container so it doesn’t dry out.

1 1/2 cups  salt
1 1/2 tbs oil
3 cups boiling water
4 1/2 cups flour
food colouring

Mix the salt, oil and boiling water together.

Add flour and combine.

To jazz it up a bit don’t forget the food colouring and glitter!


Microwaved Playdough
I used to make this recipe when I was teaching full time. It lasts well and has a good stretchy texture! Your little one can still help cooking it by pressing the buttons and choosing the colour!  Having discovered the uncooked version I definitely am more a fan of that one now.

2 cups plain flour
1 tbsp oil
2 cups water
1 cup salt
1tsp cream of tartar
food colouring

Beat all the ingredients together – trying not to let it go lumpy.

Microwave for 4-5 minutes on high until playdough consistency, stirring halfway through.


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