A month sugar free – Week 1

We finally have all our stuff from New Zealand so life in Sydney can become more normal and settled. I’m loving being back in the kitchen properly and trying out new recipes as well as cooking all our family favourites. As you can imagine the past 8 weeks have been somewhat stressful and I have definitely indulged in rather too much sugar. Extra glasses of wine have crept into our weekly consumption and that bar of dark chocolate that I buy as been disappearing much faster than it usually does!

Before our move to New Zealand my lifestyle wasn’t half as healthy as it is now.  When we moved I made over my lifestyle becoming more active, making healthier food choices and taking more exercise. As a result I am a much healthier and more energetic person (even with two small children)! In times of stress though I find myself slipping back into old habits and I figure a month sugar free will put me back on the right track.

I’m really glad I made the changes to my lifestyle before having children as for them eating fresh, home cooked food (something I grew up on but forgot about in my twenties) is the norm in our home. Of course I buy packets of biscuits from time to time and bake foods containing sugar but as a general rule I try and keep Freddie’s sugar intake to a minimum and through foods with naturally occuring sugars such as fruit, root vegetables and dairy.  I hope that by the way I talk about food and eat it that Freddie and Lottie will not use food as an emotional crutch as I have in the past.

To keep the balanced approach to food that I am trying to foster in my children I am not going to take my month sugar free to the extreme. I don’t see any benefit in cutting out healthy foods with naturally occuring sugar. I will however be keeping my fruit intake to 2-3 pieces a day which matches the recommended daily guidelines around sugar (6-9 tsps a day). I am going to cut out any foods with added sugar in them such as confectionary, ice cream , desserts and in addition I will be avoiding dried fruit, fruit juice and also alcohol.

So over the next month I’ll be posting my usual Freddie’s Food kid focused post each week. In addition I’ll be sharing my evening meal weekly planner (something I’ve started to do to try and reduce waste and cut the cost of our grocery bill) and some of the recipes on it. Most of these recipes are family friendly or I’ll included how I adapt them for Freddie and Lottie.

I’m going to try creating some sugar free snacks, desserts and baking so will definitely post these along the way once they taste good! I’ve bought some Purharvest Rice Malt Syrup which I’m looking forward to experimenting with along with using sweet potato and pumpkin in baking to add sweetness instead of honey, agave or sugar.

new-rice-malt-syrupWeekly Meal Planner – Week 1

MONDAY: Spicy Soy Marinated Salmon and Sushi Rice Salad

TUESDAY: Falafals

WEDNESDAY: Roast Chicken and Chickpea Riata

THURSDAY: Chicken and Bean Burritos

FRIDAY: Asian Pork Baskets

SATURDAY: Slow Cooked Beef and Lentil Lasagna

SUNDAY: Vegetable Biriani

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2 thoughts on “A month sugar free – Week 1

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  2. I think you’re allowed wine, as the sugar content is naturally occurring.

    And you could add Golden Syrup to your array of ingredients (alongside Rice Malt Syrup) and produce treacle tart.

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