Coconut Milk Ice Blocks

I was inspired to make these by some coconut ice blocks I bought from the supermarket while our stuff was still in transit from New Zealand. The bought version were really yummy but did have quite a bit of added sugar. Freddie rated our creation quite delicious, in fact he couldn’t wait for them to freeze into ice block shapes and licked the mixer clean!

2013 11 05_8607

The recipe contains no refined sugar. The coconut milk is high is saturated fatty acids an easy source of energy, the main source is lauric acid. A fatty acid that helps fight against bacteria and viruses and also helps promote brain development. Interestingly breast milk is the only other natural source of lauric acid.

Not only are they delicious and healthy they really only take a couple of minutes to prepare. I used an ice cream maker to freeze them initially but you could freeze them straight in the ice block moulds or in a plastic container. The advantage of using an ice cream maker is that you don’t get any ice crystals.

We made ours berry banana flavoured but I think both pineapple and mango would also really work well.

Coconut Milk Ice Blocks

1 can coconut milk1 medium banana
1 cup frozen berries

Blend the ingredients  in a food processor.

2013 11 05_8600

Place into the ice cream maker and freeze.

2013 11 05_8604

Spoon into ice block moulds and freeze for at least 6 hours.

2013 11 06_9116


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