Week 2 sugar free – snack ideas

Well the first week sugar free was pretty successful. I had a couple of slip ups along the way! Surprisingly I didn’t miss drinking a glass of wine but white bread I found much harder to resist. However the hardest thing I found was quick, easy, satisfying snacks with no added sugar that both the children and I would enjoy.  An apple or pear is such an easy snack to choose accompanied by some nuts but when you are trying to limit the amount sugar, and as a result fruit, you are eating and replace it with something that containing no sugar then it soon becomes very obvious quite how many foods have added sugar.

So here are my favourite snacks with no added sugar for all the family:

  • A hard boiled egg with some crudites – a great high protein snack and the vegetables give you fibre and vitamins. Freddie and Lottie both enjoy this snack. I just make sure that I lightly steam the vegetables for Lottie.
  • Tahini, cottage cheese or peanut butter on ryvita or corn thins.
  • Coconut milk ice blocks
  • Pretzels
  • Olives (read the label some have sugar added to the brine)
  • Cheese chunks and salami
  • Hummus and crudites or toasted pita
  • Freshly popped popcorn
  • Poppadoms
  • Natural yoghurt with frozen berries or chopped fruit
  • Nuts (Not good for under 3s unless they have all their teeth and as they are a chocking hazard make sure your child is sitting down to eat them!)
  • Cooked peas
  • Broccoli florets

2013 10 12_9083

Hope your family enjoy these ideas. Below is this week’s meal planner, I will be posting some of the recipes as we eat them during the week. Don’t forget to follow Freddie’s Food by email, on facebook or twitter so you get these new recipes as I post them over the week.

Weekly Meal Planner – Week 2

MONDAY- Marinated Chicken with Roasted Capsicum and Puy Lentils

TUESDAY- Chilli Con Carne and Homemade Nachos


THURSDAY – Asian style steamed fish and vegetables

FRIDAY- Stir Fried Beef in Black Bean Sauce

SATURDAY- Meal at a friend’s house



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