Week 3 sugar free – Healthy pantry shopping list

So week 2 sugar free has involved experimenting with sugar alternatives and I’m close to perfecting my recipes so watch this space. Thank you to my guinea pigs! The conclusion I’ve come to is that there really is no substitute for sugar! Cakes, muffins and biscuits made without added sugar really don’t taste as good no matter how much spice you add. Those pro a long term sugar free diet would probably say I’m addicted to sugar but having given it up for the past couple of weeks I’ve realised I really don’t eat it all that much anyway.

The advantage of cooking recipes without added sugar is that I don’t feel concerned about Lottie munching on them too. I also know that there aren’t any wasted calories in them and that they will keep them full up and full of energy for longer. So for everyday snacks I am definitely going to keep on cooking without adding sugar.

In the long run I don’t think I mind Freddie and Lottie (once she’s over 1) having sugar from time to time. In fact I would rather they ate it in cakes, biscuits, ice cream etc as ‘sometimes’ food to be enjoyed occasionally rather than sugar being banished from our home and then once they are old enough going to the corner shop on the way home from school buying all kinds of rubbish.

67038_10153406729450201_330379401_nFreddie enjoying his 3rd birthday cake!

To make baking sugar free and preparing healthy easy meals for your whole family stress free, especially on the days when you’re running short of time, having a well stocked, organised pantry and fridge is the way forward. My fridge is definitely not all that organised, when it’s my husband’s turn to cook he often groans at the tubs of leftovers pushed to the back! My meal planning is definitely cutting down the waste each week though which I’m pleased about (this week’s planner is at the bottom of this post).

Fridge Staples
Large Free Range Eggs
Whole and Lite Milk
Natural YoghurtButter & Margarine
Cheese (colby, tasty, mozzarella, parmesan)

Freezer staples
Frozen vegetables – peas, edemame, sweetcorn
Frozen berries
Ice cream/frozen yoghurt (homemade usually)

Olive Oil (bottle and spray)All Bran Oil
Peanut Oil
Sesame Oil

Fresh produce

White wine
Apple Cider
Rice wine vinegar
Chinese Black vinegar

Dried and Canned Goods
Dried beans and pulses – cannellini, kidney beans, chick peas, yellow split peas, red lentils, green lentils, puy lentils
Pasta – spagetti, penne, orzo
Rice – sushi, basmati, jasmine, short grain brown rice, risotto, lasagna sheets
Cous cous – wholemeal cous cous, israli cous cous
Noodles – vermicelli, soba
Dried Fruit – apricots, prunes, saltanas or raisins, dates
Canned tomatoes in their juice (sugar and salt free)
Nuts – brazil, walnut, cashew
Seeds – pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chia, linseed

Condiments and Sauces
Fish Sauce
Soy Sauce
Teriaki Sauce
Tomato Paste
Tomato Ketchup
Mango Chutney
Sugar free fruit spread
Sugar and salt free peanut butter
Mustard – Dijon and wholegrain

Flour – spelt, wholemeal, plain and self raising
Sugar – soft brown, caster sugar
Baking soda and powder
Rice malt syrup
Golden syrup
Vanilla paste
Lite milk powder
Wheat germ

Chilli flakes & powder
Cumin – ground and seeds
Cardamon – ground and seeds
Smoked paprika
Ground ginger
Whole pepper corns
Sea salt

Weekly Meal Planner – Week 3

MONDAY- Vegetable Biriani

TUESDAY- Marinated Chicken and Roast pumpkin salad

WEDNESDAY- Left over lasagna from the freezer

THURSDAY – Asian style pork mince

FRIDAY- Steak and salad

SATURDAY- Spanish style prawns



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