Christmas Kitchen Fun – Gingerbread House

Well what a lot of fun! Freddie, with a small amount of help, completed the mammoth challenge of creating a gingerbread house.  Having never made one myself I decided that this was not the time for experimenting and used the recipe and templates on kidspot. It provides recipes for the gingerbread and icing and detailed step by step instructions. I would definitely follow it again next year when we make another one.

Freddie helped out in all the phases:

  • Making the gingerbread

2013 12 17_9476Cutting the panels, reindeer and angels and then designing the doors and windows

2013 12 17_9478

  • Decorating
  • Assembling (I don’t recommend this as it resulted in a few breakages, thankfully all repairable but it definitely added to the stress of the experience!)

The teacher in me enjoyed all the different types of learning that went into this activity as well as pure Christmassy delight and excitement! I’m looking forward to making one again next year and seeing how we have improved. So here is the finished product… da da! I think it is pretty awesome for a 3 year old!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we now need to have a Christmas party as if we try and eat this all on own we will be hyper! I would love to see your attempts and designs so please post them on the Freddie’s Food facebook page.


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