Banana and Peanut Butter Ice-cream

Freddie described this as “this is too delicious Mummy!” and I’m totally with him (just had a sneaky spoonful before starting to write this).

2014 01 23_0686The best thing is it is free from refined sugar, naturally sweetened by the bananas and the yummy butteryness of the peanuts. It is also dairy free.

What makes this recipe made in heaven is that it combines bananas and peanut butter probably two of mine and the children’s favourite foods! We have a love/hate relationship with peanut butter in our family. Lottie, Freddie and I are total addicts – I’ve been known to lick the knife after spreading my toast and when I was pregnant with Freddie ate it by the spoonful out of the jar. I do find that idea rather disgusting now however. Mike can’t stand the stuff!

Banana and Peanut Butter Ice-cream
The best thing is this recipe is SUPER simple and MEGA fast. You can either make it with an ice-cream machine or with already frozen bananas.

2014 01 23_0693

2 bananas
2 tbsps smooth peanut butter (I think you need really good peanut butter to make this work well. One that is sugar and salt free and made from just peanuts.)

Blend all the together until smooth. Place in an ice-cream maker and freeze. Transfer to a container and freeze. It will stay pretty soft in the freezer, a bit like soft scoop.

If you don’t have an ice-cream make place a chopped up banana in the freezer for about 2 hours. Remove, add the peanut butter and blend until smooth.

Enjoy! We had ours with homemade mango ice-cream.


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