Homemade Muesli for the whole family!

This muesli is packed full of nutrients that will help keep your whole family healthy and full of energy.  A bowl of oats a day is a frequently heard recommendation to help increase your milk supply so breastfeeding mums there’s another reason for tucking in to this delicious breakfast.

The recipe includes Chia seeds which is a super seed- it is packed with calcium, Omega 3s, protein, potassium, anti-oxidants and iron. Nutritionists recommend 1 tablespoon a day but make sure you also drink plenty of water as they are high in fiber.

Homemade Muesli1305323
Oats (I use wholegrain)
2-3 tbps Chia seeds
2-3 tbps Sunflower Seeds
2-3 tbps Linseeds
2-3 tbps Pumpkin Seeds
50g Roughly chopped Almonds
50g Roughly chopped Walnuts
50g Roughly chopped Brazil nuts (high in Selenium which soil in New Zealand is low in)
10 Prunes – chopped into small chunks *
10 Dried Apricots *
80g Cranberries or Raisins *

Serve 1/2 cup of muesli topped with yoghurt for a protein punch and sliced fresh fruit for bonus vitamins and fiber. An alternative serving option is to grate in half an apple and soak over night to soften the oats. This is especially good for children.


* I don’t always include the dried fruit as I eat it with chopped fresh fruit, especially if Freddie is going to be eating it as I worry about the sugar in the dried fruit if he’s eating it everyday and the impact it will have on his milk teeth.


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