Journey of a Mum and a Baby who did not want to eat

Exciting times at Freddie’s Food! Today we have our first post from our first guest blogger – Jackie from Baby Life magazine. 185

Baby Life magazine is a directory to help parents find unique products, useful services and fun things to do around New Zealand – while at the same time shining a spotlight on small, local, independent businesses. However it is much, much more than just a directory. There are articles where you will find everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers and children and also a blog featuring real life parents including yours truly!

Jackie is writing for Freddie’s Food about the reality of having a fussy eater, one who isn’t eating enough to grow. She will be sharing her hints and tips and what she’s learned through her journey of feeding a boy who didn’t want to eat through a series of posts. Here’s her first one. Welcome Jackie we are so pleased to have you blogging for Freddie’s Food.

My youngest boy is such a fussy eater. That wouldn’t normally bother me and I have even said to other parents the old “Don’t worry about it, they will eat when they are hungry” or “They are not going to starve themselves.” But here is the problem, he is such a fussy eater that he is not gaining the weight he needs to grow up healthily. But how do you a 15 month old eat and eat enough calories to grow? So began my journey into the world of dieticians…..

Everything I knew about feeding babies and toddlers went out the window when my youngest started eating solids. Or rather, did not start eating solids. I tried the usual – baby rice, yogurt, fruit or veggie puree, but all to no avail. He refused to swallow and really hated having a spoon in his mouth. So then let’s try finger foods – nope, he didn’t like them either.

It was time to get help, yet the ‘help’ I sought out just told me to keep trying and he would start eating soon. Ok, so we keep pottering along and got to 9 months of age and I have this baby who is feeding two hourly every day, 24 hours a day and has been for months and months! Of course, he is not gaining enough weight and is short in length and things are not looking good. So I scream just that little bit louder and this time I am heard. We are off to a unit for Mums and babies for a week and they are going to ‘sort him out!’

So what was their plan? Drop the amount of times I feed him breast milk to 3 a day and no milk overnight. Did he like this plan? No. Did I? Yes, especially as they looked after him at night and I got some sleep, the first in months! The theory was that he will eat if he gets hungry enough and when breakfast rolled around, 2 teaspoons of weetbix was swallowed! Smiles of joy were all around.

During the week, I was taught about some neat little tricks on feeding babies including distracting them with toys in order to get those important spoonfuls into their mouth, offering spoons to hold to keep little hands busy, so the spoon with the food gets into the right place and the sneaky trick of adding baby rice to everything in order to boost calories but not amount of food to swallow.

So after our week, we head home and I am full of confidence that I can continue to keep building up on the food he will eat. Things work well for a few weeks, then we hit a wall. He refuses to eat yet again. Arghh! Enter the dietician and many many visits to see them!

This guest post is by Baby Life Magazine editor Jackie Procter. She is blogging for Freddie’s Food about feeding a boy who didn’t want to eat. If you want to know more about Baby Life Magazine you can find them on facebook, twitter or pinterest.

Freddie’s Food is still looking for guest bloggers so please contact me if you are interested!


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