How to throw a Healthy Birthday Party

My little boy turned 3 last week.

In fact, this whole month has been all about turning 3 – as many of his friends have also had birthdays around the same time.

I hate being the party pooper but I always dread birthday parties a little bit because it means he gets offered the sugar-laced treats and drinks that he normally doesn’t get at home. And I know what this usually means. A runny nose, or an annoying little cough, because his immune system gets suppressed from all the extra sugar that he is having.

So my promise to myself was simple – throw a fabulous party for him and his friends to enjoy – and of course the parents too – but without all the junk that is normally available at “normal” kids parties.

A bit of a feat? Less than I imagined.

It was a 10am party so we decided to throw on some free-range bacon, organic eggs, mushrooms and onions on the barbie for the hungry parents. We bought the best quality ingredients we could afford because that’s the principle we live by in our home and wanted to uphold that, seeing that we were going to eat the food as well. We got some gluten free bread rolls to throw everything into and make yummy bacon and egg breakfast rolls with!

We cheated a little bit and had some bubbles and orange juice (nudies) available for a breakfast cocktail. Went down a treat.

In hindsight it would have been nice to also have a thermos with coffee in it but I just didn’t think of it in time (added to the fact that I also went at 7.30am to reserve the table next to the BBQ, only to find out that I had beaten by a guy who had been camping out from 4 am…)

On the kids table, we had gotten two massive sushi platters made up, fresh fruit and vegetables and fancy gluten free crackers to dip in the wonderful multi-colored dips. We also put some bacon and eggs in front of them, which they also loved. Everything was devoured – and they were all in high spirits enjoying the little toys that we had scattered on the table: little toy cars and mini pots of bubbles.

And the cake, you say? I must confess that we were not perfect here and got him the Lightning McQueen cupcakes that he requested but in a gluten free, refined-sugar free version (except for the print on top of the cupcakes).

And finally, the lolly bags. We sent each child on their way with a large packet of stickers and a large bubble wand. Happy days!

So the bottom line? The dollar value of throwing a minimised sugar and junk party was definitely a bit more, but I’m sure this outweighs all the health costs that we would all be paying for after attending the 9,999 kids parties we all go to in our lifetime.

We thought it was well worth it, and we are still getting comments from all the parents about how good breakfast was and how impressed they were with our choice of food for the party! So don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and invest in your health – it may be more well-received than you think – by both the kids and adults alike! I’d love to hear how you’ve tried to make your kids birthday parties healthier.

Written by Kathy Widjaja health coach behind Aequilibrium Holistic Health. Follow her on facebook for more health and fitness tips. Make sure you follow Freddie’s Food so you don’t miss her post next month.


2 thoughts on “How to throw a Healthy Birthday Party

  1. You could try a pizza party for the next one – I think a four year old should be able to roll out the base, add tomato sauce, and choose toppings and arrange artistically. It was a great success nearly 30 years ago when it was your party!

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