8 Top Tips to Boost your Family’s Immunity

There is now no doubt that the seasons have well and truly changed. The mornings are cold, the air is crisp, the scarves are out and so are the noses green!

Every year, I think to myself that our family will be superhuman and avoid the green noses because we eat exceptionally well, we exercise and we are just healthy in general.

Sometimes we are lucky. But this year we were definitely not.

The weather turned a couple of weeks ago and all three of us have been struck down by a bug since then. The hubby and little one have escaped relatively unscathed with just a lingering cough and a slightly green nose. But I was under the weather for two weeks with a stuffy nose, raw throat, no voice and a cough that seemed to come back every evening.

Hubby was away last week and I was left to look after the toddler by myself (who was an amazing little boy, but nevertheless…) and I succumbed to ringing the home-doctor one evening because I was feeling so terrible and sorry for myself. I got a script for antibiotics, as expected, but still haven’t used it because I decided to keep ploughing through without them. I am seeing improvement everyday but it has been slow, which goes to show that natural remedies do work, but definitely need more time to take effect than the usual pharmaceutical medications. On the other hand, whilst antibiotics can be fast and effective, they often wreck havoc on our gut and can cause infections and illness to reappear soon after they go because our gut has been weakened and more than 70% of our immune system lies in our gut!

So I have tried to outline my best natural immunity and get-better-quick tips below, but of course, if you do need the antibiotics then by all means take them. Just don’t forget to recultivate your gut health by taking a very good probiotic, which can be quite pricey but so worth it and available from all health food stores.

My best tips for green noses:

  1. Drink loads of water. Your detoxification pathways need water to function properly. If you are sick, you will need even more water than you normally drink.
  1. Eat loads of garlic (raw is better). Garlic is one of nature’s most powerful antifungals and antibacterials. As quickly as it will kill a good kiss, it will also kill the nasties in your gut. If you’re looking for a garlicy recipe the whole family will love give this fresh pesto a go.
  2. Get some superfoods into your diet. Superfoods are simply foods that contain ridiculous amounts of good stuff. If we are going to eat something, why not make sure that it is at the top of the nutrition tree? My pantry staple is Acai powder for it’s amazing Vitamin C content and easily whipped into a smoothie.
  3. Get off sugar. So we know that sugar is the devil. But it’s really worse than that. All nasties feed off sugar. And it also shuts down your immune system. So any sugar that you are taking into your body is just spawning more germs. Let you immunity take over by cutting out any unnecessary sugar from your diet. There are lots of refined sugar free recipes on Freddie’s Food that make great snacks for hungry tummies.
  4. Take a probiotic everyday. Healthy gut equals healthy body. So even if you aren’t sick, it’s a good idea to get a probiotic in everyday.
  5. Silver colloid. It’s got a million uses ranging from athlete’s foot to a cure for sore throats. A few sprays a couple of times a day has helped with my sore throat. Have some handy in your medicine cupboard.
  6. Oil of oregano. The ultimate bug-buster. Get some into your medicine cupboard quick-stat and down a few drops when you feel anything coming on. You will probably smell like pizza for the rest of the day but at least you will keep the green nose at bay.
  7. Explore your health food store and seek out some natural herbal medications. There are some really amazing ones out there. Two staples in my medicine cupboard are Triple Strength Horseradish, Garlic and Vitamin C by Nutralife and Echinacea, Elderberry and Olive Leaf by Herbs of Gold – both amazing for the flu.

Take care of yourselves everyone, and may the green noses stay away from your family this winter season! Don’t forget to vote for Freddie’s Food in The Australian Best Blogs People’s Choice competition. Voting closes on 5 May so vote now!

Written by Kathy Widjaja founder of  Aequilibrium Holistic Health, a personal training and health coaching business based in Sydney’s CBD and North Shore.


2 thoughts on “8 Top Tips to Boost your Family’s Immunity

  1. Such a great informative article. For years and years I never got sick and put it down to eating healthy clean foods, having a strong immune system and powering the herbal natural methods. Then last year it felt like I was sick all season! My naturopath said sometimes it just happens like that – your immune system needs a wake up! I haven’t heard of the oil of oregano so will have to check it out.

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