The Ultimate Pulled Pork

I hope all you Mums had a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday! My family spoilt me rotten with a fun outing to an organic farmers market and then a delicious home-cooked meal. Cooked by Freddie with some help from his Dad! Freddie’s Daddy was so pleased with the results that he’s written a guest blog for all the men out there who want to cook a delicious meal their families will love.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, which bizarrely falls in May on this side of the world, and to try out my eagerly anticipated prize from Eat the Smoke, I decided to cook our Sunday family meal.

For regular readers of this blog you will know that in our house Meat Free Monday is a regular occurrence, in anticipation of that I decided I would go with Meat Full Sunday, with my dinner of choice being Slow Roasted Pulled 1

Eat The Smoke were my inspiration for this choice having recently sent me a pot of their oh-so-tasty dry rub. Following their instructions I acquired a large boneless pork shoulder, liberally applied the dry rub and let marinade in the fridge for 30 2

With a secret combination of herbs, spices, salt and sugar the smell of the marinade was enough to get me hungry.

Come Sunday afternoon the meat was ready for cooking. A quick trawl of the internet for the optimal cooking conditions induced a mild panic. All seemed to agree that you needed 8-10 hours cooking time, with the kids needing to be in bed by 7, I only had 4!

Improvising I decided to cook at 220 oC for 45 minutes and then at 150 oC for 3 hours. After that I allowed to rest (as all the best chefs do) for 30 minutes. At this point I carefully removed the fat and then shredded with two forks. Excitement was starting to build as it pulled apart easily and the smell was delicious. I served the meat straight from the crockpot as it allowed all of the delicious cooking liquids (and all important rub) to be absorbed.

To accompany the pork I prepared a home-made coleslaw and roast new 3

Finally, we were ready to eat. Freddie declared that he loved the spicy crispy bits the most while Lottie had 4 helpings of the meaty goodness! The adults enjoyed the smokey and spicy flavour imparted by the rub and to quote Manu Fidel the ‘melt in the mouth’ texture of the meat.

All in all a highly successful meal, Happy Mother’s Day my Darling!


Pulled Pork

2kg boneless pork shoulder

½ pot of ‘Eat The Smoke’ Dry Rub


¼ White cabbage

2 carrots

½ cup mayonnaise

3 tablespoons white wine vinegar

2 teaspoons brown sugar

Written by Michael Day aka Freddie and Lottie’s Dad and my wonderful husband. If you want to try out Eat the Smoke BBQ rub you can find out more about them on facebook or twitter.

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