Zestio Giveaway

Wow what a month! Freddie’s Food followers I am finally a registered family day care – what a mission it’s been getting here. Every second has been dedicated to study and meeting all the compliance, thankfully all the boxes have been ticked and I have a bit of ‘free’ time and head space again. So I’ll be back blogging regularly… well trying to!

My first post back is a giveaway. A while back I was contacted by Krystal who runs Zestio an Australian-based business selling reusable food pouches that won’t hurt your baby’s gums. She sent me some to try out and also a zestio infant pack to giveaway to one of you.


I think her product is fantastic for three reasons:

– The pouches are reusable so will help reduce your household waste.

– You won’t need to buy expensive squeezie yoghurts anymore.

– It makes taking your homemade baby food products out and about easy and mess free.

Now don’t think these pouches are just for babies – I’ve been using the ones Krystal sent me in Freddie’s lunchboxes so he can have tasty yoghurt at preschool that is homemade, with no added sugar and zero waste. He loves them especially as they look the same as the squeezie yoghurts lots of his mates have in their lunchboxes.

This fruity oaty mixture is Freddie and Lottie’s favourite yoghurt to take on the go at the moment:

Serves 1
3 tbsp natural unsweetend yogurt
1/4 banana (I keep frozen banana chopped up in the freezer)
1 tbsp bluberries
2 tbsp rolled oats

Blitz the mixture until it is smooth.

Pour into your Zestio pouch and voila a perfect snack or dessert for your kiddies while you are on the go.

Now I know you are all wondering how you can get your hands on some of these pouches. Well here’s how you can win your very own zestio infant pack! Simply tell me what you would put in your pouches if you won them.


It just takes 4 steps:

1. Tell me what you would put in your pouches. It could be a yoghurt, smoothie, baby puree recipe.

2. Accompany your recipe with an inspiring original photo  (less than 1 MB) of your awesome recipe you little one loves.

3. Email your entry and contact details to:

4. Follow Freddie’s Food. (if you’re already a follower you can enter no probs)

Entries close Monday 30 June 2014

To find out more about Zestio you check out their website and follow them on facebook.

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