About Kate

Wife, full time stay at home Mum to preschooler Freddie and baby Lottie and Primary School Teacher by training. I have always loved cooking, getting lost in the kitchen experimenting with new flavours and foods and most of all cooking for my family and friends. 


The type of food I cook has evolved over the years as I have taken more care over my health and what I put in my body, and since having a family of my own to cook for. Our diet is fresh, tasty, wholesome food, filled with flavour. I steer clear of refined foods, additives, preservatives and keep sugar to a minimum wherever possible. We often eat as a family and so my recipes are healthy food for the whole family with some simple adaptations for little ones from time to time. 

My interest in childhood nutrition and how to make children’s meals exciting, appealing and full of flavour while keeping them healthy with minimal salt and sugar started when my gorgeous little man was ready for solids. Freddie however wasn’t too keen on solids and after a few weeks of purée asserted himself and refused to eat from a spoon. He’d spit out pretty much anything I offered him, especially if there were LUMPS! I tried all the tricks – toys, distraction, singing, feeding outside… 

In the end I gave in to Freddie’s strong will, threw away the spoon and switched to finger food. We haven’t looked back since. I’m not saying mealtimes aren’t ever frustrating but generally they are happy, family (often messy) times and Freddie and now Lottie enjoy a varied diet.

Freddie’s Food is the direct result of this journey and is meant to document my efforts to learn more about healthy eating and nutrition and the recipes that I create along the way. The recipes are tried and tested and our whole family enjoy them, hopefully yours will too.  At the same time I hope it will offer other Mums and Dads out there some fun meal ideas and possible solutions to the challenges of feeding a baby or toddler.

Kate Day x

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