Anneke Newing

Anneke Newing is a New Zealand born mum to two children. After living in Singapore for 5 years she moved with her family to Sydney at the end of 2012. They try and live a sustainable existence by growing their own veggies, eating mangoes off the tree in the backyard and shopping ethically and organically. They dream of being semi self-sufficient one day.


Anneke and her family are transitioning to a Paelo lifestyle, removing grains, legumes, dairy (although they still eat dairy at the moment) and sugar from their diet and eating a diet rich in meat, fish, all kinds of beautiful delicious fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Anneke will be sharing a few ideas about her world of food with Freddie’s Food… recipes her family love, feeding a fussy eater and transitioning their family to a paleo lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “Anneke Newing

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