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Here Comes The Airplane – Open Wide!

I remember seeing a photo meme on Facebook with a toddler who had a horrified expression on his face, with a spoon coming towards his mouth and the words “You want to put that airplane where?” It made me laugh, because that could have been my son! As you know, getting food into my youngest … Continue reading

8 Top Tips to Boost your Family’s Immunity

There is now no doubt that the seasons have well and truly changed. The mornings are cold, the air is crisp, the scarves are out and so are the noses green! Every year, I think to myself that our family will be superhuman and avoid the green noses because we eat exceptionally well, we exercise … Continue reading

Battling On With The Baby Who Won’t Eat

I have come to the conclusion that babies are very smart. They know when they are on to a good thing. Look at mine for instance – he loves breast milk so much that all he wants to eat or drink is breast milk. What a smart cookie! With the WHO organisation recommending that babies … Continue reading

The number one real food priority

The number one real food priority

If you’ve been following Freddie’s Food recently you’ll have noticed how I’ve been posting quite a bit about eating REAL food. Limiting the amount of sugar and processed foods in our diet for the benefit of our health and to try and be more sustainable in our approach to food. My playcentre friend Emma Abrahams … Continue reading

How to throw a Healthy Birthday Party

My little boy turned 3 last week. In fact, this whole month has been all about turning 3 – as many of his friends have also had birthdays around the same time. I hate being the party pooper but I always dread birthday parties a little bit because it means he gets offered the sugar-laced … Continue reading

My baby won’t eat off a spoon

My baby won’t eat off a spoon

As those of you regular Freddie’s Food readers will know, from about 6 – 7 months onwards Freddie refused to eat off a spoon. I recently had a question from a reader who’s baby is doing exactly the same thing asking what to feed him or how to go about feeding him if she’s not … Continue reading