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Here Comes The Airplane – Open Wide!

I remember seeing a photo meme on Facebook with a toddler who had a horrified expression on his face, with a spoon coming towards his mouth and the words “You want to put that airplane where?” It made me laugh, because that could have been my son! As you know, getting food into my youngest … Continue reading

My baby won’t eat off a spoon

My baby won’t eat off a spoon

As those of you regular Freddie’s Food readers will know, from about 6 – 7 months onwards Freddie refused to eat off a spoon. I recently had a question from a reader who’s baby is doing exactly the same thing asking what to feed him or how to go about feeding him if she’s not … Continue reading

Starting Solids – Hunger Strike

Around 8 months onwards you might notice that from time to time you darling little one goes on hunger strike. Picking at everything you offer them and pushing their plate away or in Lottie’s case sweeping it all on the floor or chucking it over her shoulder! As a first time mum I had to … Continue reading